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Student Conduct in the Digital World

Electronic and digital communication has created a new set of responsibilities that our students need to demonstrate. The use of personal digital devices at school, on school property or school sponsored activities is subject to the same standards of conduct and consequences as any other behaviour. All use of digital recordings should be with honourable intent and with good conscience.

The RVS Responsible Use Agreement must be signed annually.  At no time should any photos, voice recordings or transmission of personal information including social media be made without the knowledge of all persons potentially involved or affected by such information. Please be advised that photos and videos are allowed at school public events.

The school reserves the right to confiscate digital devices if found to have been used in contravention of school rules and expectations. We encourage the use of personal digital devices for appropriate learning purposes. However, the school assumes no liability for lost, stolen or broken digital devices students may bring to school.

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