Role of the CDA

The CDA provides the school community with support regarding social and emotional health. Working in a proactive role the CDA focuses on the strengths of each child and encourages the development of skills important for success at school. The CDA offers individual support or small group support to those students who may benefit from it. The CDA also facilitates opportunities for the general school population to take part in large group activities. These activities focus on developing positive interpersonal skills as well as promoting health and safety.

The CDA holds meetings with teachers and administration to assess the individual needs of the students. They also make arrangements to involve outside agencies and make referrals to Rocky View School Division in order to access the support of their specialized staff.
It is vital that all members of the school community are able to access the support of the school CDA via telephone or e-mail. Once this contact has been made the CDA will set up a meeting in order to determine how best to support the student.


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