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Welcome to Bearspaw School!

As Principal of Bearspaw School, I can say with all honesty that I am very lucky to be here.  The students, staff, parents and community are warm, friendly, hardworking and dedicated.  I feel very fortunate to have landed in such a great place.

I am still working very hard at getting to know some of the new students and their parents.  I am also working hard at continuing to remember the 540 names from previous years.  I still call brothers and sisters by their siblings names but I do that at home with my own 3 children so I don't believe its a by product of the large amount of names, it is probably more about getting old.

Bearspaw School is very busy and it can be tough to stay on top of the happenings in the school.   The Google calendar has proven to be a real asset in keeping track of all the things that go.  The most up-to-date events are posted on the google calendar. Teachers also use email very regularly. Teachers' email addresses are posted on the website. Also, check out your child's teacher's weblink as well. In this age of digital communication, there are usually no surprises as teachers and parents have communicated regularly.

Please watch for the monthly newsletter, "Bear Tracks" which is posted on the website at the end of every month. Since so much information is shared during the month, our newsletter is more of a celebration of our students and their work through photos and quick clips.  Also the weekly "Friday Fan Out", is emailed each week to parents with information, reminders and dealines.

Something missing? If you can't find information either on the website or other sources, please contact us at Bearspaw School with your suggestions as to what we might add as part of our communication.

Have a great year!

Brad Walls

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