Lunch Program

Litterless Lunches

We, at Bearspaw School, are making efforts to be environmentally conscious. To reduce waste, we encourage students and parents to pack lunches in reusable containers. Although challenging to be completely litterless, a reduction of litter is worthwhile.


Whenever possible, recess will be taken as usual. During times of extreme cold weather (wind chill will be taken into account) recess time outside may be shortened or cancelled. If outside recess is cancelled, students will be asked to play and have quiet time in their rooms or the Commons area.

As the decision to stay indoors is made on a day-to-day basis, please ensure your child is dressed properly to go outside in a variety of weather conditions.

Occasionally, during severe winter weather months, when a child has just recovered from an illness and parents would like to have their child remain indoors for a day or two, a note from the parent is requested. In order to provide adequate supervision at this time, they will be requested to be in the infirmary or office area. 

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