Bearspaw Silvertips


Bearspaw Silvertips

Grizzly bears are sometimes referred to as “Silvertips” especially in the Rocky Mountains because as the grizzly matures the long hairs on the shoulders and back become frosted with white hair. This grizzled hair appears silver as the light catches it, hence the name Silvertips.

We thought this was an appropriate name for our school because when the students arrive they are like baby bears called cubs.  As we learn, grow, and mature we become unique individuals just like the female bears called sows and the male bears called boars.  As we continue to work and learn together as a community we are just like a group of bears called a sloth of bears.  The Grizzly or Silvertip Bear is known for being strong, powerful, having endurance, tremendous speed, caring and even being Resilient.  For these reasons, we feel the “Silvertips” is a great name for a great school.  That is why we picked the name Silvertips.

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