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This is an overview of Friends of Bearspaw Education Society. If you have any questions about FBES - please contact Pam at info@bearspawfbes.com.


What is Friends of Bearspaw Education Society (FBES)?

We are a parent-run volunteer group whose sole purpose is to raise funds to enhance student experience at Bearspaw School.


Over the course of the 2017-18 school year, we have funded numerous events and things.  Did you know that the new water fountains and the new hand dryers in the washrooms were purchased with money raised by FBES?  The school was able to order all new iPads this year using the money raised by FBES volunteers at the Casino last October.  Has your child ever won a prize for being a Champion Reader or Writer?  Those prizes are funded by FBES.  Many of the class art projects and guest speakers are funded by FBES.  As an example of a direct link to learning, FBES funds new books for the library each year, as well as a Literacy Program.  We also contribute large sums to the Music/Band program and for Physical Activity.


If FBES didn’t exist our students would not receive these new things or extras.  Schools and school boards do not have the money to readily replace outdated technology or order new books for the library each year.  It falls on parents to help support our students’ learning.  We’ve calculated that FBES will donate approximately $169 per student this year.  Each student benefits from the work FBES does.


Please join us in our effort to make our children’s experience at Bearspaw School the best it can be.  Come to a meeting, submit a fundraising idea, or volunteer.  Many of our current members have children in the older grades, which means they won’t be with us much longer.  For FBES to carry on, we will need new members to step up and get involved.  Your children will thank you!

Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraising at the Bearspaw School should enhance learning and physical activities as well as help create and promote our school culture.

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