VSP (Very Special Person) of the Day

Each day a different student in the class will be the VSP. Every child is very special and it is important that they each have time to share how special they are.

The VSP of the Day was created to help support your child’s development with early literacy skills (expressing ideas, listening and oral language) and Social Studies curriculum outcomes.

On you child’s VSP day they will have the following responsibilities in the classroom:
• Be our line leader
• Update calendar bulletin board
• Lead opening routine activities
• Share “homework” activity
At various times throughout the year your child will be asked to complete an activity at home to share with the class on their VSP day. Information will be sent home prior explaining what your child needs to do. We encourage you to support your child in completing these activities, but remember to follow their lead!


Project 1:

'Me in 5"

Our first sharing activity is a “Me in 5” page.  On a 8 1/2 -11 piece of paper  (please use paper provided) your child is asked to share the following information:

1.     Who is in your family?

2.    What are your favourite foods?

3.    What are your favourite colours?

4.    What do you like to do?

5.    What is your favourite animal?

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