Gr. 3 Miss Frass

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Contact Information:

Miss Heather Frass

Phone: (403) 239-9607



Parent Tips:

  1. All subject specific information for our class is found in the Curriculum tab (Science Stuff, Math and Language Arts).
  2. Write at home a few times a week. ** You can purchase a journal or notebook from the Dollar Store. Your child can write about family events, sporting events, parties, describe a toy/stuffed animal/holiday.....Create a list of ideas in point form, then create sentences based on those ideas. Click on the Curriculum tab. Then choose Language Arts. Click on The Writing Process. It describes the process we will be using in class (brainstorming, rough draft, revising room (delete words, add missing words, add adjectives - juicy words), COPS, good copy, practice presenting, final changes and present).
  3. Home Reading - 5 days a week for a minimum of 20 min. gr. 2 and 30 min. gr.3
  4. There are many ways to practice basic facts:
    a) Go to the Math folder and choose Math Games - a deck of cards goes a long way!!!
    b) make flash cards on recipe cards or purchase them from the Dollar Store or Scholars Choice.
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